Chakra Gemstone Crystal Jewelry

Handcrafted Chakra Jewelry

Chakra jewelry is created with gemstones that correlate to a specific Chakra and Chakra color. Featured here are Chakra pendants, Chakra bracelets, Chakra earrings and Chakra amulets. All are handcrafted.
Each Chakra gemstone color corresponds with a Chakra. These Chakra correspondences are as follows: Chakra 1: Red, Root,(base of spine) Physical needs/Security, Grounding Chakra 2: Orange, Spleen or Sacral (abdomen, lower back, sex/reproductive organs) Emotional Issues, Sexuality,  Chakra 3: Yellow, Solar Plexus (between heart and navel) Personal Power, Self-Esteem, Chakra 4: Green and Pink, Heart Center, Love, Understanding, Chakra 5: Blue, Throat, Communication, Chakra 6: Purple or Indigo, Ajna Center (Third Eye), Clear Seeing, Intuition, Chakra 7: White or Violet, Crown, Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment
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