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Chakra Healing Compact Disk

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Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble

You are invited to enjoy a deeply meditative, musical experience created to resonate with your subtle energy centers known as Chakras. These seven major energy vortices are located along the central meridian from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They are important to the harmonious function and integration of body, mind and spirit.    

You may tone along with the tracks while meditating on the optimum performance of each Chakra. The liner notes bring to light some of the mysteries of the Chakra system. Two different systems of 'toning' the Chakras are presented along with associative colors, elements, organs, gemstones, functionality, and an affirmation for each Chakra. The music can also be a pleasing background for yoga, healing creative work and other relaxation moments.    

Contains Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation

Dean Evenson - Flutes & Keyboards
Scott Huckabay - Guitar
Jonathan Kramer - Cello
Phil Heaven - Viola
Dudley Evenson - Harp
Jason Darling – Percussion

Total time: 64 minutes
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