Life Blessing Bracelet, Swarovski Crystal Bracelet, Penny Crabtree

Life Blessing Bracelet 7.5-8 inches

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Swarovski Crystal Life Blessing Bracelet and Earrings

Featuring Award winning custom made jewelry. The Life Blessing line of jewelry attracts prosperity and each is made of first quality Swarovski Austrian crystal.

Life blessing jewelry is individually cleansed with flower water to remove all traces of negative energy and to make the beads shine. Each hand-made bracelet is bestowed with prayers and life blessings before being christened with holy water. The earring is a stunning reminder that blessings are abundant. It draws good uplifting life blessings to you each time your where them.


Blessed with Shamanic tools (holy water, christened, cleaned)

Never needs to be recleansed or recharged

Each bracelet tagged explaining the Life Blessing process

Comes with heart shaped sterling silver loop-and-toggle clasp

Measures approximately 7.5 - 8 inches

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