Tibetan Bowls & Tingsha

Antique Tibetan Singing bowls    

Featuring Superior Quality authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls. for Meditation & Healing.
We are pleased to offer superior quality rare and unique, antique Tibetan singing bowls. Each of these Tibetan bowls has been handmade by master craftsmen and date back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Tibetan singing bowls of this quality are not being made anymore.           

Tibetan Singing Bowls were used in Tibet for ceremonial and meditation purposes. Each of these Tibetan bowls comes with a padded mallet and a beautiful brocade cushion. To play these Tibetan bowls, strike them with a mallet or move the mallet around the rim so that it is rubbing the outside edge. This will create a blend of harmonic resonance and rich overtones. Detailed instructions for playing will also come with purchase of your singing bowl.

Please note: These Tibetan singing bowls are antiques (up to 400 years old) and because of their age some discoloration and markings may appear on the metal. Also, these Tibetan bowls are handmade, one-of-a-kind items and therefore prices will fluctuate.    
Each singing bowl comes with a dual playing padded mallet

Tibetan Bells, Tingshaw, Tingsha, Tibetan Bells for meditation & healing

Tingshaw (or Tingsha) are Tibetan bells made by living master-makers according to an ancient formula that has been passed down for centuries through their families. Tingsha can be used for meditation, healing work and as a way to both clear negative energy as well as bring in positive energy.    

Tingsha are easy to play. Just hold the bells by their cord and strike one against the other on their edges. 

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