Massage & Crystal Wands

Gemstone Wands for Healing and Massage, Crystal Wands For Empowerment, Healing, Meditation and Magic

Featuring gemstone massage healing wands in various stones. Gemstone wands can be used for massage, reflexology, Reiki, ritual and as a crystal to hold. These are handcrafted genuine gemstone massage, healing wands, therefore, sizes, color and patterns vary. We have personally selected these healing massage wands at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. Each wand is unique.

Crystal wands are objects of beauty and intention. Although the source of magic and power comes from Spirit, a crystal wand is used as a focusing tool that empowers your thoughts and intentions. Here you will find a selection of truly magical crystal wands. Every crystal wand is made with specifically selected stones according to the wand’s purpose. Therefore, choose your crystal wand according to your need and what speaks to your heart.


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