Ruby in Fuschite Massage Want, Gemstone Healing Wand, Ruby Fuschite Crystal Wand

Ruby in Fuchsite Massage Wand

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This massage/healing wand contains ruby crystals that are embedded inside the mineral Fuchsite. This stone combination helps you understand love at a higher level. Both stones connect to the Heart Chakra. Ruby adds energy and vitality. It stimulates the life force, enhances circulation, vitalizes blood and the entire body/mind system. It also promotes higher passions such as courage, joy and spiritual devotion. Fuchsite helps with issues related to stress, self worth and recovery from trauma. It encourages light heartedness and compassion, Fuchsite is said to speed deep healing as it assists with recovery and immunity. It also increases the energy of other crystals.

Measures approximately 3 /2 inches long.

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