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A Higher Dimension Compact Disc

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The Inspirational Music of Richard Shulman

Want to raise your vibration quickly? Listen to the inspirational music of keyboardist and composer Richard Shulman. Richard creates music intended to be a positive influence for himself, audiences, and society. Bringing beauty into the world is his passion, and the expression of inspiration with those he works with provides a fertile field for creation

A Higher Dimension is tranquil and inspiring solo piano for meditation healing and enlightenment. The music expresses a spiritual journey towards mastery starting at the “Gates to the Quiet Place” through divine qualities of the higher realms to “Vision of a New Age” and ending at “Home.” Masterfully performed, both vibrationally and musically on an 1896 Steinway B Grand Piano, this music brings the presence of the higher realms into tangible feeling    

Perfect music for meditation and inner attunement. Richard Shulman’s solo piano takes you to a pure space right within your own heart. Sit back and let the purity of the sound take you to the “Source” deep within.

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