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Garnet Mala 108 Bead Prayer Necklace

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Malas are devotional and meditative bead necklaces used to count mantras or prayers. These malas are handmade in the holy land of Braj and Rajasthan in northern India by artisans who have practiced their craft for generations.

Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone that is sacred to many traditions as it helps you see and transform inner blocks to growth. It enhances bodily strength and repels negative energies. Garnet is a healing stone for skin afflictions and is used to regulate the heart. It is the birthstone for January and is protective in its energy. 108 medium sized beads and double-knotted on silk. Every mala comes with a card briefly detailing its spiritual significance.

The 108 bead malas are all knotted in between beads. Crystal malas have 5-6mm beads and are double knotted on silk.
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