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Sound Healing Compact Disc

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Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble

Relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of this classic CD. Enjoy a peaceful environment that supports the healing process. Serene flute melodies along with tender harp and subtle keyboards combine with cello and saxophone to create a rich tapestry amidst a backdrop of gentle nature sounds.    

The definitive 'Best of Soundings' collection. This inspiring collection of peaceful music by sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson has been specifically created to help people relax and lower stress levels and is an ideal tool for music therapy and supporting other healing methods. If you must own one truly effective relaxation album, own this one.

Artists: Dean Evenson - flute, keyboards, Tom Barabas - piano, Scott Huckaby - guitar, d’Rachael - harp, Dudley Evenson - harp, Richard Hardy - saxophone, Jonathan Kramer - cello, Glenn Falkenberg - harp

TOTAL TIME: 63 minutes

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